Future blueberry bed

Yesterday, Dan and I turned over the future blueberry bed.  The blueberry bushes are currently at one end of the veggie garden, near the fence.  We will move them, which will give us a change to dig out the luxuriant dandelions growing amidst the bushes, and move them further from the garden, correcting the spacing a bit, and then where the blueberries were, we plan to add a row of raspberries.

We started the bed last fall, laying down a layer of thick cardboard, and newspaper, then alternating with grass clippings, hen bedding, and chopped leaves.  By yesterday, all but one section of newspaper was completely broken down, with no sod in sight.

For the summer, I’ve planted the new bed full of annuals flowers for cutting.  I started lots of zinnias (my favorite) bachelors buttons, cosmos, purple top verbena, China aster and tithonia, and yesterday afternoon, planted the tiny little plants.  The back two rows will be sunflowers, and the front row, nasturtiums.  I have some spares just in case, but I hope all the tiny transplants will survive and thrive, and be bursting with blooms by the time I get home in August.

Today, I tackle the weedy vegetable garden.


5 Responses to “Future blueberry bed”

  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Wow, great advance planning. What an amazing (to me) amount of space you have. The flower bed sounds beautiful. Too bad it’s destined for one season only. But how can you leave your garden for the whole summer?

    • Ali Says:

      Lou, right now when there is so much to do, and it is so beautiful here, I wonder! But it is the right time for us to have an adventure, when Dan’s mom is available to look after the house and kitties, and while we both still have the time in the summer. Who knows how long we can hang on to that!

  2. S Says:

    I love starting beds this way. It does take advance planning, but the results are so worth it, look at that beautiful soil!

    • Ali Says:

      That’s good Presumpscott clay, a large swath of clay that follows the Kennebec Valley. There’s some benefit to the clay in that our lawn is rarely crispy, but she’s slow to warm and a bit heavy.

      And yes, this is by far the best way to start a new bed — or renovate an existing bed. I am a complete and total convert.

  3. Laurie Graves Says:

    How nice that new bed looks! And blueberries are one of my favorite berries. Big, small, they are all good.

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