Tomatoes and peppers

With heavy rain in the forecast, I managed to plant my peppers and tomatoes early (5:30!) this morning.  I planted 3 each of Speckled Roman and Cherokee Purple; 3 Martha Washington, after the mysterious loss of one plant; 1 Pineapple, because they are delicious; and 2 Sungold Cherries, because I could.  MIA are the Rose tomatoes I thought I started.

I also planted my peppers, 3 Baby Bells; 2 Early Jalapeno, 2 Tiburon Anchos; 2 San Luis Anchos; 3 Joe E. Parker Numex; and 3 Carmen.  I need to put tomato cages over the peppers and I’d like to get floating row cover over them for the next couple of weeks, but it isn’t looking likely.

I think I’ll be extraordinarily lucky if Late Blight doesn’t get the tomatoes after the mild winter.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


4 Responses to “Tomatoes and peppers”

  1. Daphne Says:

    I think you are fine with late blight. Unless of course we have a repeat of that other year. That blight doesn’t overwinter on nonliving matter. So it can be carried over on potatoes left in the ground, but not much else.

    • Ali Says:

      Daphne, I’ve heard talk that the mild winter south of Maine means the blight overwintered and could move north earlier than usual. Let’s hope any breezes blow in the other direction!

      In my garden we definitely got temps low enough to kill the spores that were above ground.

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    You were indeed up and at em early! Good work getting all that done. You have a nice variety planted up and if it is any consolation, I kind of had the same “missing plant” thing myself this spring with a winter squash variety that I was positive I had starts going for and then when I started sorting through my large transplants… were no where to be found. Hmmmm…?!

  3. Robin Says:

    I think that the Gremlins steal and mis-label our plants! No matter how careful I am, something is always missing or labeled wrong!

    Looks good! Now let’s not mention the B word :)

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