Wet and Squishy

Between Saturday and Monday morning, Henbogle got 6 3/4 inches of rain, with more on Monday and Tuesday.  Yuk.  At one point, there was a duck pond in the large enclosed chicken run, and the paths around the garden were Class II paddling.   We’ve had rain every day since Saturday, but it finally appears to be clearing up.  This serves as a good reminder that in my location, raised beds are a necessity.

The peppers and tomatoes may not be thriving, but they are hanging in there. The leeks appear to be enjoying the cool wet weather.  The looked a little rough when I planted them, but they are looking good now and putting on some growth.  I need to get them mulched before departure day (next week!  EEK!!)

The garlic (behind the leeks) looks wonderful, I’m sad I won’t be here to enjoy some green garlic and fresh garlic.  I will fertilize with some seaweed fertilizer one more time, this weekend I hope.  The shallots have grown well, but are looking a bit flattened by the rain.  I hope they perk up a bit and grow some more; I’ll hit them with seaweed fertilizer too.  Last year I harvested the shallots in the first week of July.

The rest of the garden is so very wet I don’t think we’ll be doing much else to it except pulling a few weeds and mulching.  If the top layer dries out I’ll add compost and fertilize, otherwise, nothing.  I hope to get a few squash planted, and mulched.  I’ll throw a row cover over it and hope for the best.  It is mostly something to provide ground cover anyway.

The rain has been good for the newly seeded patches of lawn.  I’ll report on that soon.


3 Responses to “Wet and Squishy”

  1. GrafixMuse Says:

    The excess rain was a challenge, but the cooler temperatures really pushed the envelope. Tomatoes and peppers seem to be waiting for sun and warmth to continue growing.

    Departure date is next week?!? Wow! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!

  2. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Still can’t believe that you are leaving your garden in summer for such a long time. If you are going to be in southern California, look me up. Send me an email before you leave if you want to come see my garden.

  3. Daphne Says:

    We got a bit of rain but the worst of the storms went east or west of us so we didn’t get hit so bad. Lots of rain and drizzle, but not nearly as much accumulation. I hoe you dry out a bit.

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