Some plants like the rain

Although the tomatoes and peppers are sulking, and probably ripe for a love affair with Late Blight, the flower gardens and newly planted grass are looking happier.

The shade garden planted in 2009 under the flowering crab is looking great.  I need to move some things around, but in general it is coming along fabulously, looking lush, cool and shady, a nice respite from the sun on hot days.

We are still expanding that bed to the far side of the flowering crab.  We worked on it a bit last summer, which unfortunately I did not blog about thus have no records of when/what I planted, but it is coming along.

Two weekends ago we laid more cardboard down to deter some of the more persistent weeds, and covered the cardboard with shredded leaves from last fall.  We’ll let things grow this summer, and next year we’ll need to move things around a bit.  Some plants are being crowded, like the Japanese Painted Fern in the above photo, others are not happy with the additional sunshine they receive with the major limb removed after Hurricane Irene damaged it.

On the whole  the shade garden is looking good, I am really pleased with how it turned out.  The soil in that area is lovely, a tribute to the value of compost, worms, cardboard and shredded leaves.


3 Responses to “Some plants like the rain”

  1. leslie Says:

    Let’s hear it for cardboard and shredded leaves! Really is amazing what they can do, and those happy hostas look as though you’re not having any trouble with the unprintable snails, for which I envy you immeasurably. (Actually, they don’t bother our hostas all that much, but the alliums and the iris and the hollyhocks…0MG.)

    Better to think good thoughts about your lovely shade bed. Notice your bottle tree with interest. Always think of them as southern. Anyone from Dixie in your family?

  2. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Very nice shade garden.

  3. Northern Shade Says:

    I like the variety of leaves in your shade combinations. The light Hosta, Pulmonaria and Japanese painted fern look great together. My Japanese ferns always come up so late, and grow so slowly, that they easily get overwhelmed by the other plants.I always wish that they were more vigorous, like other Athyrium, since their fronds are so beautifully coloured. What is the name of the Hosta with mostly white foliage and green margin?

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