Chicken ran

Our big adventure is drawing near.  Dan’s mom is taking care of Henbogle House, and we are very, very grateful, (as are the kitties since they won’t be left to starve) but the chickens were too much to ask, so they needed to find a new home, or go to freezer camp.  Lucky for them, they found a home.

Sunday, a friend from work who wants to keep chickens formally adopted the Henbogle girls.  I am so pleased that Ellen and her family have offered the girls new digs and will provide a wonderful home for them, full of new places to make dustbaths and search for delicious bugs.  Of course we will miss them, especially Bea and Lily, but I am certain Ellen will be a great chicken mom.

The transfer was not without drama.  We left the girls in Henbogle Coop until Ellen and entourage arrived to collect them, and then caught them one at a time to place them in their deluxe paper box for transport.  All was going well until one of the Barred Rocks escaped from the Coop.  She was obviously stressed so we left her to hide in the yard while we secured all the others.  Then, Ellen her son and I brought the girls down to the driveway for loading into Ellen’s truck, and Dan and Ellen’s husband caught the hen on the run.

Except they were not able to catch our hen on the run.  No, she flew the coop, and flapped and hopped her way over the fences into the overgrown bramble patch that is our back 40 feet.  Once out, there was no hope.  She was off and running through the puckerbrush. Sigh.

So we left the gates to the chicken run open, and Henbogle Coop open, and as dusk set in, Dan and I went to see if she was in the Coop.  Oh yes, she was, but promptly flew the Coop again upon hearing us arrive.  So I scattered some scratch grain and we left her again.  After dark, we went down to check and she was alone on the roost sleeping.

This morning, I loaded her into a cat carrier and brought her to Ellen.  Earlier this evening, Ellen e-mailed me to report they got 4 eggs and all hens appeared well and happy.  Thanks for all the good eating, girls, and be generous with your new henkeepers!


And thanks, Ellen, for the photos!


14 Responses to “Chicken ran”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ali and Dan, I am looking forward to reading about your most amazing adventure. Glad to learn the girls are in good hands and adjusting to their new living situation. four eggs is a good sign…Drive safely, happy trails-Julie

  2. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    I’m glad that story had a happy ending. And I’m glad that your hens found a good home and didn’t go to ” freezer camp.” hysterical term. I couldn’t bear to eat my girls.

  3. Robin Says:

    I’m so happy that you found a home for the girls! I can’t wait to follow your upcoming adventure!

  4. Daphne Says:

    Have fun on your trip.

  5. Laurie Graves Says:

    All’s well that ends well. Again, bon voyage and safe travels.

  6. S Says:

    Aw, seems bittersweet, but they have a great new home! You guys have a wonderful and safe trip!!

  7. Karen Says:

    I’m glad the girls didn’t go to freezer camp. Have a great time in your road adventure. Safe travels.

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