Preparing the garden

Tuesday afternoon, Dan and I weeded and mulched the garden with the remnants of straw from the hendome.  I haven’t managed to plant any winter squash, but given my record with the striped cucumber beetle and the cool weather we’ve been experiencing, I probably would have had limited success.  We also spread a lot of mulch hay in the former hen run to keep down the weeds while we are away.  By the end of the summer this should be a fertile scratching ground for new hens, full of bugs and interesting tidbits.

I need to pull the remaining plants in the hoophouse, give it a thorough weeding and lay down more mulch in there, and the garden is as ready as I can get it.  The tomatoes and peppers don’t look particularly happy, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good crop.  At least there are blossoms on the plants.

While the tomatoes and peppers sulk, the newly seeded areas of lawn are thriving in the cool wet weather.  The knotweed zone grass is coming in nice and green, punctuated by the dark reddish spears of emerging knotweed.  Dan has mowed the area twice, and we feel pretty confident that with regular mowing this summer it will stay under control.

Over by the old compost bins, which we removed earlier this summer, the grass is also coming along nicely.  We need to prune this lilac a bit in the fall and I hope spur some new younger growth.  Eventually we hope to build a more permanent lawn tractor storage area for summer use, and build a fence to screen it.

The new blueberry bed, currently planted with annual flowers, is coming along.  Here’s hoping by August this bed will be loaded with flowers!  Actually, I hope it is loaded with flowers even earlier, so Dan’s mom, who will be looking after Henbogle while we are away, can enjoy them.

I did a lot of packing and organizing yesterday, and we did a dry run of packing the car.  It looks like everything will fit and we’ll still be able to see out the rear window.  Preparing to not work is a lot of work.


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  1. Robin Says:

    Looks good. It will be very interesting to see what the garden looks like when you get back! When are you leaving??

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