Squash and sunflowers

So, I still had some sunflower seedlings, and we ran out of mulch hay, so….  This afternoon, Dan, who must be as crazy as I am (and I love him for it!!), helped me plant just a few more things.  The aforementioned sunflower seedlings, and some winter squash seeds, my two favorites, Confection and Butternut.  It’s kind of late, and I’m not going to add row cover, so my chances are slim, but why not?  At least if they survive, they’ll surpress the weeds!

Since I was out there, I gave the leeks, garlic, and peppers a drink of fish and seaweed emulsion.  while fertilizing, I noticed two of the Carmen peppers have peppers!!  Whoo hoo!  I counted 4 peppers all together.

The rest of the pepper plants are looking wan, especially the San Luis Ancho chile peppers, seen on the left.  Both plants have lost some leaves and are looking yellow and frail.  I hope the fertilizer gives them a boost.

We puttered a bit more, beefing up the groundhog prevention strategies, then said our good-byes to the garden.  I’m going to miss it, but I know I will have a fantastic summer.


3 Responses to “Squash and sunflowers”

  1. Robin Says:

    Have fun!!! Can’t wait to see some posts on your travels!!

  2. leslie Says:

    Nice to see Confection getting a plug. It’s one of our favorites too. Here’s hoping that there are many confections to greet you when you get home – and many peppers to give them some zing!

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Hope your garden has some nice rewards for you on your return. Have safe travels!

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