It isn’t all bad news

Despite my post-holiday funk, it isn’t all bad news here at Henbogle.  Even without us, the garden is productive (just not producing as much of what WE want).  Dan is picking more blueberries as I write, and earlier this summer, Mom dug our shallots and garlic, both of which look great.  The shallots appear to be more evenly sized this year although a bit on the small side — unsurprising considering they were abandoned to fend for themselves amidst the weeds and weather.  I need to weigh the shallots but I counted 74 heads of garlic.

Today I did another walk through and pulled a few weeds (a little rain yesterday helped that effort) and had a closer look.  The pepper plants are mostly looking healthy amidst the weeds.  If I can get them weeded we may still have a decent crop of peppers. I pulled a couple of leeks, which are holding their won amidst the weeds.  If I can get them weeded, fertilized and a bit of water they may fatten up a bit.

The tomatoes have a lot of green fruit and some ripe, but I can see leaf spot and some sort of blight has hit a couple of plants, sigh.  I picked a few ripe tomatoes and pulled a few weeds, but I suspect the tomato season will be just about over.  Ah well.  Clearly I should have seeded the entire garden with a cover crop.  I’ll know better next time.


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  1. Daphne Says:

    I don’t think I could bear a whole garden in a cover crop. I’d probably throw in a few things just to see if they produced. But if I were gone that long I might put quite a bit of it in a cover crop if I couldn’t get someone to weed it for me. At least you got a nice crop of shallots and garlic especially since that way you have seed for next year.

  2. jennifer fisk Says:

    For whatever reason, my tomatoes aren’t ripening properly this year. This is August,the Brandywines and Prudens should be beautiful as should the San Marzano. They are all green still.

  3. S Says:

    It sounds like your plants did okay for the most part. In a lot of places it hasn’t exactly been a great gardening year, even for the folks who stayed home, ha! If that makes you feel better :)

  4. Jackie Frost Says:

    We have blight in the tomatoes and if your peppers are hidden in the weeds maybe the hornworms won’t find them as they have a lot of others this year. I do believe your trip was worth fewer veggies.

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    I think it is nothing short of miraculous that you are getting production like you are from the garden given your long stay away from it! Really shows how resilient the garden actually can be. Welcome back by the way. I did not stop in fast enough to see your arrival back, but are glad you have returned from your travels safely.

  6. Robin Says:

    I don’t know if I could put our garden in a cover crop before a big trip. The urge to plant when spring comes along is so hard to resist. That is nice you still got a few things even though it wasn’t as big as you were hoping.

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