Transitioning from big adventure to home to back-to-work has been a bit challenging.  The horrible, weed-overgrown blight ridden garden didn’t help, nor did the need for a new dishwasher and the death of my fruit-laden tomato plants from late blight.  Sigh.  Then there’s the hole in the hoophouse, damaged in a severe thunderstorm that happened while we were away.  It damaged the maple, too.  More on those items later.  This post is celebrating the good things.

The zinnias are beautiful, and make me happy.

My pepper plants are producing peppers despite the weeds competing for space, nutrients and light.

The new girls are settling in, happily venturing outside and are getting used to us being in the pen with them.

The new dishwasher has a sanitizer feature for canning jars, included free installation and is now installed and ready to run.  Maybe my dishes will no longer need pre- and post- washing.  Yay!




8 Responses to “Zinnias”

  1. Robin Says:

    The zinnias and peppers are very nice looking! A new dishwasher sounds exciting even if replacing it was an unexpected bummer.

  2. GrafixMuse Says:

    Zinnias and peppers made me smile. So sorry about late blight and damage to your hoophouse.

  3. kitsapfg Says:

    The good things are always worth looking at when the pile of “not so great” gets large. Enjoy the new dishwasher and those zinnias and peppers look beautiful.

  4. Seasonsgirl Says:

    The flowers are beautiful… I just love Zinnias :)

  5. Kit Says:

    I love your blog, Alice. The good life!

  6. Daphne Says:

    I use my dishwasher to sterilize jars on occasion. It works quite well as long as I time it right.

  7. a3acrefarm Says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Since we’ll be first time chicken owners (or do they own us?) in the spring, I’m anxious to follow your adventures. We had blight in our tomatoes here in northern Maine also. We caught it very early, so we were able to salvage green tomatoes for relish.

  8. Plant Stands Says:

    There just can’t ever be too many zinnias!

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