In sink

Over the weekend, Dan and I installed the sink.  With the new vessel sink, we simply needed to boreIMG_2318 two holes in the plank top, one for the sink drain, and one for the faucet.  Once that was done, the IMG_2325sink sets atop the plank, and the drain is connected.  It uses a pop-up drain, which is not connected to the faucet.  The faucet drops into the hole and secures with a nut and the plumbing connected to the supply lines.

Of course, there were complications.  The hot water shut-off valve appeared to be leaking, and the new drain pipe leaked as well.  Sigh.

Astonishingly, the problems were resolved relatively easily.  Dan tightened the valve handle nut, and the drip dried out.  A trip to the hardware store enlightened us to the problem of the drain pipe.

IMG_2357A visiting canine used the old pipe as a chew toy, requiring us to replace it.  The new plastic pipe hasIMG_2358 a gasket molded into the end, eliminating the need for a gasket.  We had blithely popped in a gasket as the old one used a gasket.  Once Nick at the hardware store pointed out the molded gasket, and we removed the extra gasket, the leak stopped.  Success!

We’ve got the vanity 99.9% complete, we tiled but have yet to grout the backsplash behind the sink, I’ve made more beadboard doors for the vent stack cabinet and the other wall cabinet, I found some fabric and sewed a curtain, and we bought a new shower curtain.  I hope during this vacation week to finish painting the doors and get them installed, and we hope to paint the ceiling and walls, then I can add the trim between the beadboard and the drywall.

The shower surround, meanwhile, awaits.  After tiling the sink backsplash, however, I think IMG_2361our toes are feeling chilly.  I’m a pretty confident DIYer, but tiling is NOT easy, and getting all that tile level and plumb before the thinset sets up is a scary prospect.  It is a lot of tile, and any irregularities will be magnified by the expanse of tile.  Then there’s getting it all grouted.  And to get all of it done in a few days without having access to a shower?  Hmmmm.  We are currently re-evaluating.  If any Maine readers know of a good tile setter, please let us know.


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  1. Michelle Says:

    I have sink envy!

  2. nruit Says:

    Me too!

  3. Robin Says:

    Wow, your bathroom is really coming along. Lee and I haven’t tried tiling yet but I know it is on our soon to try list. lol. I know what you mean by having someone in to do a precise job. This fall we had a guy come by to do some finishing work on the drywall in one room upstairs. We were so impressed by the job he did (and how easy he made it look) that we are going to have him come back and finish up the second bedroom, stairway, and Lee’s office once Lee finishes all the wiring, insulating, etc.

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