IMG_2365Today I finished the new beadboard cupboard doors for the bathroom.  I sanded, painted and installed the trim, then hung the doors with a little help from Dan this morning.  I’m not wildly IMG_2363_2happy with the hinges, but they came from the local Habitat ReStore and were a budget friendly $1 per set. The other hinges I liked were a non-budget friendly price of $7 each, not including shipping.  Hmmm $5 or $63 plus shipping?  My inner cheapskate won that round.

All said, I’m really, really glad I decided to spend the extra money to make new doors.  I hated the old doors, and really love these, especially the yummy IMG_2361_2yellow doors on the vanity.  I am absolutely crazy about the color.  I have an old painted bureau in the laundry room which I think will get the rest of that yellow paint.

Back to the bathroom.  As per usual when working on these projects, installing the trim on the cupboard next to the vanityIMG_2364 and squaring it up means that now the piece of wainscot between the vanity and the cupboard needs to be trimmed a little to fit, then re-painted.  Ugh.   I also need to trim the marble tile I purchased to go on top of the vent pipe cabinet.  I like the little extra bit of marble there, and it finishes off the cupboard nicely.

What’s left to do?  Well, Dan caulked the big window, and I’ve given it one coat of paint but it needs one more coat of paint, and then I need to sand, prime and paint the trim for the window over the sink.  Then the fixture wall of the shower enclosure needs to be sanded, primed and painted, and finally, the ceiling and walls painted.  That will just leave the tiling.

I can see the finish line from here, but there’s still quite a bit to complete before I can relax.  Still, I think I can take a little time off to look over my seed catalogs and get an order ready before all the Cheddar cauliflower sells out!


4 Responses to “Doors”

  1. nruit Says:

    The bathroom looks great! I also love the yellow paint, and the tile is lovely. Don’t miss the cauliflower!

  2. Julie Says:

    Hi Ali, your bathroom redo is coming along nicely. You and Dan are doing a fine job. Perhaps if you painted the new hinges, just a thought, for a more uniform look. Wishing you and Dan a Happy New Year, Julie.

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    I really like the “pipe cabinet” especially the white marble top. Very clever. And I love the black hinges too. Great bargain.

  4. Robin Says:

    Your new toilet looks nice. I wonder if you will see a water bill reduction. Regardless, just having a new water efficient one will be nice. I wont feel bad when we get new toilet. The one we have looks like something died in it no matter how much you clean it.

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