IMG_2421Over the weekend, we got the bathroom walls and ceiling painted.  We did the ceiling first, and IMG_2430I was a little concerned about the yellow, but once we got the walls painted, I really like the colors.  The silvery gray walls and white beadboard look fresh and crisp, yet the floor, yellow ceiling and vanity really warm the room.

I’m an awful painter, so naturally I got some gray paint on the ceiling and the freshly painted light fixtures.  I also dripped some of the freshly painted radiator cover, sigh.  Painting it was a HUGE PITA, but I am glad we did — except all the other radiators in the house now look awful.  I hate the fact that something so expensive is such flimsy crap.    Still on the to do list:

Caulking– the tub and baseboard, outside corner baseboard, vent cubby baseboard, vanity toekick/floor on toilet wall.

IMG_2434Paint touchups–  Ceiling, vanity window trim, vanity toekick, light fixtures, paint drip on radiator cover.

Painting — wall behind shower fixtures (brown wall seen in above photo), door trim and door

IMG_2439Repairs — re-make door trim so door will close & latch, hang door.

Shower — yep, that’s still as yet unloved and untouched.  Tile, shower niches, new valve and trim, buy and hang new shower curtain rod.

Before I made this list I was feeling pretty good about things.  Unfortunately, over the weekend I pulled my hamstring pretty badly while painting, so now the burden of the rest of this is on Dan.  We have decided to hire someone for the tile job, though.  More on that later.


3 Responses to “Painted”

  1. Susanna Says:

    It looks awesome Alice! I love the colors you chose. Sorry to hear about the hamstring though!

  2. Laurie Graves Says:

    Looks great, Ali!

  3. buttingheadsfarm Says:

    Looking good!

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