Henbogle Coop for sale

I’m thinking of putting Henbogle Coop on the market.  I need some help with the price.

Picture 29

This coop from Anthropoligie is $3,000.  Shipping is an additional $200.  It’s kinda small.

Picture 30

This painted chicken-decorated coop, from William-Sonoma, is a mere $1289.90 including the run.  Shipping is $130.  A bargain compared to the Anthropologie Coop.  That roof doesn’t look very snow-worthy.

So, how much is Henbogle Coop worth?  Features include an antique window, stainless steel roof, front and side door, and lift-up egg-access.



8 Responses to “Henbogle Coop for sale”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Well, this is Maine, so you may have to drop your price below those from the big names. I saw a cute A-frame coop for sale in Lubec for $300.

  2. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Check out Roots Coops and More for comparing to their pricing.

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    I paid a friend $800 to build our coop and run. It is 3.5 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft tall, all roofed with shingle roll, totally enclosed with hardware cloth, with a drop down door for access to eggs. But does this mean you are giving up having chickens? How can you be Henbogle without chickens?

    • Ali Says:

      I’d sell Henbogle Coop in a flash for $3K, Lou. I can build another coop, and believe me, I would!

      Building Henbogle Coop lo those many years ago was not expensive, we reused a lot of material and bought the roofing for $20 — it was formerly the lining of a walk in fridge at a nearby grocery store. We probably built it for less $150, probably even less.

      I am certain I could build an even better coop for the same price or less. And we have left over roofing :-)

  4. Madeleine Says:

    I got my used coop for $75. It fits 4-5 hens. Currently 3 hens and Randy the Ridiculous Bantam rooster.

  5. nruit Says:

    Wish we could afford it! I love your coop!

  6. Mike R Says:

    Anyone who would pay 3 grand for that thing should live in it. I built an A-frame coop for about $300 in materials. It had the lift up chicken plank just like that one. I decided I wasn’t ready for chickens and sold it on Craigslist for what I had into it. PT Barnum was right.

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