Bringing the sunshine inside

In the constant internal gardening dialogue in my head, I’ve been discussing whether I need to purchase new fluorescent bulbs for seed starting, as my bulbs are several years old now.  Fortunately for me, Mike over at Mike’s Bean Patch just posted a very informative blog post about lighting for seed starting.

Based on his research, I’m going to look for Gro-Lux bulbs.  Maine approved a medical marijuana law last November, and thinking our new medical marijuana law may have made Gro-Lux bulbs more available.  We’ll see!


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  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    hysterical. We have hydroponics stores on every corner, it seems. no end to the types of lights, fans, and stuff yo can buy to grow plants indoors. They can’t all be growing tomato seedlings. :-)

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