Blizzard report

We have yet to venture outside.  The wind is howling and the temperature is 11°F, with the wind chill making it about -2°F.  I’m content to be inside for now. Dan changed the girls bedding Thursday and made sure they had a full feeder last night, so for now the door to Henbogle Coop will stay closed.  I’m sure there will be some squawking about that!
The National Weather Service is reporting that Portland, 50 miles southwest of us, got 29″ inches of snow thus far. The forecast is calling for 7-10 additional inches through the day today, with significant drifting.  Fortunately for us, the cold temps mean the snow is light and fluffy.  Of course that means more drifting, but at least that works both ways.  Our front doorstep is bare to the bricks, while the door out to the deck is sporting snow over my waist.  A few pics snapped from the inside are below.  Happy Saturday!
We won’t be grilling anytime soon!
The snow varies in depth, but we’ve got at least 6 inches over most of the backyard.  The hendome and hoophouse are still standing, and despite strong gusty winds, our maple tree is intact.
We made sure all the birdfeeders were full before the snow started on Friday, and our feather friends are very appreciative!
Our street is partially plowed, but we won’t be driving anywhere soon.  Good thing I had the makings for scones on hand!
I suspect south of us they fared worse, we are lucky to have power and internet and we know it.

3 Responses to “Blizzard report”

  1. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I filled my girls food and water last night just in case I couldn’t get the coop door open this morning. I’m sure they are very cozy inside.

  2. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Brrr. Thanks for the post. I wondered how New Englanders are faring today. I hear all roads in CT are closed. I was there in the blzzard of ’78 and it was memorable with three feet of snow. Best wishes.

  3. GrafixMuse Says:

    The sky is beginning to get ligher and the snowfall is mostly over for us now. The winds continue to blow. We are considering holding off on cleanup until tomorrow. It will be warmer, the sun should be out and the wind won’t defeat out efforts. It’s not like we are going anywhere. We too feel fortunate to have power and internet right now. Stay warm!

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