Lest you think Dan did all the work




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  1. Robin Says:

    I’ve never seen anything like that. Is it a really long broom for snow? You can tell I have never lived anywhere cold. I’ve never even held a snow shovel before. :)

    • Ali Says:

      You should come visit, I can teach you the ways of the roof rake. It is a very light aluminum handled plow-like plate used to pull the snow off the roof.

  2. Annie's Granny Says:

    I just hope that’s not Dan under that big pile of snow!

  3. Laurie Graves Says:

    Let’s hear it for team work! It was quite a storm, but in central Maine, at least, it wasn’t really that bad. Reminds me of the storms of my youth ;)

  4. S Says:

    Wow! That’s just SO MUCH snow! We do team shoveling here too. (I can’t figure out why I am just about the only female on the street that does??)

  5. Beth Says:

    Why did you take the snow off of your roof? It acts as insulation & helps keep your house warm. Just curious.

    • Ali Says:

      Heavy layers of snow will form ice dams — thick layers of ice. The ice continually melts and refreezes, expands and contracts, and works its way under roof shingles and can cause significant water damage. In addition, the forecast was calling for rain today, and all that snow would absorb a lot of water. The weight of all the snow and water can cause significant structural damage. Last year, an ice arena near us collapsed under the snow load. I’d like to avoid that problem.

  6. Beth Says:

    Thanks. It is good to have information about new things.

  7. Mike R Says:

    That long handled snow thingy must be an essential tool in your neck of the woods. That is a lot of snow. Hope it melts soon.

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