Out, damned shower, out I say!

IMG_2661Vacation week has arrived at last, and as is our wont, it will include some DIY projects, namely finishing up the bathroom renovation!  We decided to recruit a trained professional IMG_2667to install the tile shower surround, but Dan and I spent today preparing for it by removing the last of the hideous blue shower.

We were both dreading this, recalling how painful the floor tile removal was, but it was not bad, actually.  It probably took about 3 hours to remove all the tile and clean up, and another hour and a half to remove all the nails, screws and old caulk and take the paneling off the fixtuIMG_2678re wall.

By the end of the week, the bathroom should be finished.


4 Responses to “Out, damned shower, out I say!”

  1. nruit Says:

    Good for you! It’s very exciting :*)

  2. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Good luck with your bathroom remodel. That is quite a job to tackle.

  3. Robin Says:

    Smashing things out is ever so much fun. :)

  4. Laurie Graves Says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new shower!

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