Tiling begins

IMG_2691Tile is now being installed.  Even with a pro at the wheel, things moved slowly as we discovered some plumbing IMG_2692problems, then a few more plumbing problems, and some framing problems which required all new framing of the fixture wall.  Our contractor, Nate, is a good problem solver and takes these old-houseIMG_2717 issues in stride, which helps keep me from freaking out over them.  Did I mention this is our only shower?  Fortunately, Dan’s mom is welcoming us to her home for showers, but it is a tad inconvenient at 17 miles away.  Dan and I go back to work on Monday so we are really hoping to get this wrapped us soon.  Showering at the campus gym lacks a certain any appeal.

After a traumatic day, when we realized we’d had some bad advice about the shower valve, I ordered a different valve online and shipped it overnight from California and IMG_2718moved on.  Who needs a rain shower, anyway, I can stand outside in the rain.  Nate installed the new plumbing, then the cement backer board, squaring up the previously precarious corners.  I’d ordered shower niche forms and Nate installed them and applied Mapei Aqua Defense roll on waterproofing.  Our spongy old shower now feels like a rock.

After all the trauma and delays, today the tiling really began.  So far, it looks great. More tiling, then grouting, then clean-up.  Then we can use the shower, hooray, and clean up all the construction dust, and then we can do some touch up painting, hang some towel hooks, and move in.  The end is in sight, if you squint.


6 Responses to “Tiling begins”

  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    my, my, never a dull moment at Henbogle. We just signed a contract to have our kitchen redone. Welcome to hell.

  2. s Says:

    “The end is in sight, if you squint.” I love this, it’s how I feel about spring right now! It’s true though, you reach this point where you feel like you’re almost done, just because there’s a pinpoint of light at the end of that tunnel, ha! It’s looking great though!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Our shower is not being used until next Friday night…just offering.

  4. Robin Says:

    That is good Nate is okay with working on old houses. Something always seems to come up when you don’t expect it. It’s probably a little to cold there to be taking showers outside.

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