Paint project: repurposed music cabinet

IMG_2435After boxing in the vent stack in the bathroom, we had a narrow little spot in the bathroom crying IMG_1586out to be used as storage.  At just 24 inches wide including the radiator running along part of the floor, I wanted to find an old bookcase or cabinet that would fit in that spot to store towels.  Ideally, it would be off the floor to improve heat circulation and to provide a place to store a bathroom scale that would be accessible enough to encourage regular use (hahaha).

While wandering around Brunswick, Maine one day, we found an old music cabinet that seemed to fit the bill.  It IMG_2694was just 20″ wide, 14″ deep, and 39″ high.  We took it home and it was just right the right size for the space, but was just too dark.  IMG_2710It had IMG_2708a pretty inlaid decorated door, but had big scratches on the top and sides.  I debated for a while, but ultimately decided to paint it yellow to fit with the room’s color scheme.

Dan and I cleared off the dining room table and turned it into my paint studio.  We covered the table with plastic, and I set to work.  First, we took the cabinet outside where I sanded it lightly, then cleaned the dust off.  We then carried it back into the dining room and I primed and used some BIN shellac sealer where the wood seemed to bleed through the primer.  I then used the same paint I used on the vanity, but added a bit of the white trim paint to make it a slightly softer shade, and avoid making it look deliberately matched, more in keeping with the overall “design” aesthetic at Henbogle House.

A couple of coats of paint later, it is ready to go as soon as the paint dries enough to re-hang the door and the bathroom is finished.  I even have a mirror I bought at a tag sale a few years ago which will fit on the wall behind the cabinet.





4 Responses to “Paint project: repurposed music cabinet”

  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    NICE! I love it. Your bathroom will certainly be one of a kind.

  2. nruit Says:

    Nice find!

  3. Julie Says:

    Coming along nicely…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

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