Snowy weekend

The forecast initially called for 1-3 inches, then 4-6, then 6-8.  By the time the last snowflake fell, we had over a foot of snow.  It was very pretty this morning.  Twenty five days until spring!  I’m hearing the spring bird calls, it is coming.IMG_2727






6 Responses to “Snowy weekend”

  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    So you don’t want to hear me complain that the forecast here in SoCal is 84 for Friday and Saturday? Beautiful snow pictures!

  2. nruit Says:

    It was quite the surprise! The goatie girls were not impressed :*)

  3. Laurie Graves Says:

    Great pictures, Ali! And we can think of snow as nature’s gym ;)

  4. Lisa and Robb Says:

    Wow, beautiful photos! Your bee and birdhouses have impressive snow caps.

  5. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Nothing beats a good snowfall to make everything clean and quiet.

  6. Robin Says:

    Wow! That is beautiful. I can’t believe you are still getting snow over there.

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