Maine makes the Colbert Report

Maine is a big small town, and astonishingly, when some research materials were stowed in the wrong vehicle last fall, a few Facebook friends made it easy for the researcher to re-connect with her research.  Somehow, the Colbert Report picked up on this unlikely story, put their special twist on the tale, and there you have it.  In yet another small town connection, it turns out that Gail is Dan’s grad school professor.  This is definitely worth seeing — it is hilarious!


3 Responses to “Maine makes the Colbert Report”

  1. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Yes Maine is a big small town. No matter where I go in Maine, I always run into someone who knows someone I know. The Mays are customers of mine.

  2. buttingheadsfarm Says:

    Oh, my word. Left me laughing, loudly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Oh, the lost and found scallop gonads. that was a funny bit, well done.

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