Neverendingbathroomproject inches closer to completion

IMG_2814Today, we got the beadboard panel up on the back of the shower fixture wall, made baseboard and ceiling molding for it, painted them and will install by the end of the day.  Whew!  Dan cleverly marked the heights of IMG_2823all the interior framing in the wall, then took photos for future reference.  Then up went the beadboard and we closed it up.  I’m so happy to have that done.

Dan is working on adding an outlet in the beadboard cubby under the mirror.  No more plugging in the hair dryer next to the faucet.  GFCI outlet or not, that just gave me the heebie jeebies, especially after i saw the episode of Six Feet Under where the cat electrocuted her owner by knocking the hot rollers into the tubIMG_2834 while the owner is bathing.  Mercedes would do that, if she had the chance.  Anyway, I love this new feature, it might be my favorite part of the whole renovation deal.

We’re almost done.  What’s left, you ask?  Dan is working on re-fitting the door to the frame.  He had to make a new piece of molding and install the strike plate so the door would latch. IMG_2829 There’s a little more caulking to do, then I need finish painting the door frame and the back of the door.  And we need to pick a new color for the other side of the door, and all the doors on the first floor.  That’s got us both stymied.  It needs to be a shade that looks good with all the colors we’ve got going in the house.

When we moved in we both knew we wanted color.  Most of the walls in the house were an uninspiring off-white, which did nothing to enhance the warmth and charm of the pine wainscoting.  So we added color and lots of it.


We’ve got


The pine wainscot, very similar to this color, throughout the houseBehr Fox HollowThe living room color, Behr Fox Hollow green,  This image looks a but dusty to me, it is a piney green shade.

Behr Beaverwood

Then in the kitchen we have Behr Beaverwood, a nice taupe shade.

Maleya red

And finally in the dining room we have this great red, Ralph Lauren Maleya Red.   All these years later and I still love this shade.

Sherwin Williams Teal Stencil

We’ve got furniture painted in all the above shades plus this delicious greeney blue, Sherwin Williams Teal Stencil.

So, suggestions for the doors?  They are currently a muddy off white/tan/cream shade, blech.  I suppose one option would be to strip them, but… no.  If I had a handy staffer to tackle these jobs, maybe, but I think paint is the answer.  The question is the color.  I’d love to hear your suggestions!




4 Responses to “Neverendingbathroomproject inches closer to completion”

  1. Mike R Says:

    By definition bathroom projects are never ending, the reason being that it is an essential room. I’ve done a lot of remodeling but tried installing ceramic tile in the bathroom for the first and last time a year ago. Never again. The beadboard looks really nice. Door color is a hard call. I still like an antique white if the molding is stained wood.

  2. nruit Says:

    Things look great! I don’t know if you can do it, but what about lightening up the Behr Fox Hollow green and using it on the doors. Same color, just faded out some. Looks like it would go with all the other colors. Nonetheless, good for you getting things this far!

  3. Clare Says:

    Glad you are making progress on the remodel of the bath! For interior door color, how about something dark? I know it seems unusual, but I’ve seen examples of how it really adds depth to rooms. an example is here:

  4. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Nice job. I am clueless when it comes to picking colors. Good luck.

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