A lovely day for a spot of gardening

IMG_2835Today, the last day of spring break after a very busy first half of the semester, I took a much needed IMG_2840vacation day today.  Ahhh…  I had a big to do list — clean the bathroom, vacuum, laundry, more laundry, some more painting in the bathroom… and planting a few seeds in the hoophouse.

Well, it is now 3 pm and I weeded, and picked stones, and weeded, and raked in some Plant Tone fertilizer, and weeded, and then seeded quite a few cold-hardy crops.  (Note there is no vacuuming, etc. on that list.)  The ever-present quackgrass had crawled yet again under the sill of the hoophouse and made itself at home.  Unfortunately, it has invaded my sage plant, which I cut way back IMG_2838and tried unsuccessfully to weed.  I think I’ll have to yank the whole plant since it is riddled with quackgrass roots.  A few more clumps of quackgrass remain in the path near the door, ready for tomorrow’s weeding session.

It was a balmy 65 in the hoophouse, IMG_2839and the soil was perfect for working; it was pretty warm to the touch considering the time of year.  Unfortunately, my thermometer is not working so I couldn’t check the temperature. I’ve planted about 50% of the space.  We’ll see what works and what doesn’t –either way; it felt so good to be outside gardening, I can overlook my dusty house.

Planting List

Spinach — Olympia
Arugula — Roquette
Mache — Verte de Cambrai
Carrots — Mokum
Radishes — Easter Egg
Broccoli — Bay Meadow and Marathon
Cauliflower — Snow Crown
Cimi di Rapa — Quaratina
Cilantro — Caribe
Lettuce — Pine Tree Mix

I’ll sow more lettuce and spinach for sure in 2 weeks, and perhaps some other items depending on what comes up.  Right now we don’t have water back there, so I don’t want to go to crazy with seeds until we have the waterline connected.  Even with my bonus roof vents to let in the rainwater, the top inch or two of soil was quite dry.

The rest of the gardens need some raking and I’m sure will also need quite a bit of weeding and other work, too, after our absence last summer.  Still, it was worth it.


5 Responses to “A lovely day for a spot of gardening”

  1. Laurie Graves Says:

    That dusty house isn’t going anywhere. Much better to be gardening, especially this time of year.

  2. Daphne Says:

    I ignored my house this week as I did a lot of planting. Next week I’ll have time to get with the house cleaning. But it was so beautiful this week, I just had to be outside.

  3. leslie Says:

    VERY inspiring. We’ve only gotten as far as uncovering the wintered-over radicchio (which this year for a miracle the voles had not eaten all of), turning a couple of giant compost piles and admiring the crocus. They’re spectacular this year because it’s been so cold they’re very slow to go by. Early species types are still blooming and here come the giant Dutch.

    Thanks to your list, today is definitely a planting day and I woke up thinking “well, why not?” about a few rows of peas.

  4. sara Says:

    I cannot figure out why spring cleaning takes place during mud season–still I feel the urge to clean despite the fruitlessness! I managed to ignore my floors for the weekend too though, ha!

    I’ve been hauling four gallon jugs of water up to our hoop for watering (once the snow was mostly gone, I used that first). It’s a pain but I figure it’s a good workout!

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