Crocus blooming

IMG_2860The first crocus are blooming! This inspired a big clean-up of the deck garden yesterday.IMG_2859

We’ve typically left the stalks of gone by Bee Balm and other flowers in the garden over the  winter to add winter interest, and to offer the seed heads to the finches.  It is such a mess in the spring, though, I think I need to change my strategy and clip the dead flowers in the fall and tidy the garden.

Cleaning it up was a long process and there is more to go still buried under the remaining snow.  Dan and I have also decided the flowering almond in this bed needs to move.  It is spectacularly beautiful for a week to ten days in early spring, but then is IMG_2863kind of rangy and uninspiring, and gets a lot of winter damage from shoveling the deck.  I just need to find a spot to move it to.

There’s more to do Sunday before some wet weather moves in tonight into Monday.  I love spring!


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  1. O. Says:

    My crocuses popped open yesterday, too! Spring!!!!!

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