Hoophouse seedlings

IMG_2896Two weeks from sowing, and despite snow, sleet and freezing rain yesterday, I have seedlings in the hoophouse.  On March 29 I sowed a mix of cold-hardy greens and some carrots and radishes.  Of those, the Spinach, Arugula, Mache, Radishes, Broccoli, and Tatsoi have all germinated.

I know I run the risk of the broccoli buttoning up if it gets stressed, but I’m hoping it will be cool enough this early to avoid the heat stress that can bring that on — we’ll see!

Last weekend, Dan set up the seed starting area in the laundry room, and I got my peppers and tomatoes sowed.  Spring is here, snow, sleet and freezing rain be damned!

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  1. leslie Says:

    That’s the spirit! Very encouraging as it’s just as miserable down here. Putting most of my garden rstless energy into weeding and pruning but do have peas, favas and – on a hwim, chard, in the ground. Will plant more greens if it’s not raining today, thanks to the encouragement I get from your endeavors…albeit not your hoophouse. Beginning to think again about having one even though there’s not really any place to put it. How things keep springing forth rapidly in yours.

  2. leslie Says:

    Pls. excuse assorted misspellings, goes to show what happens if you start the day at the desk instead of sorting seeds!

  3. Daphne Says:

    It was cold yesterday. But it is supposed to warm up here. So I’m starting to harden off my main spring seedling crop today.

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I won’t say I’m not jealous because I really am. I had planned on a hoop house this winter but I don’t get sun from Dec to late Feb/early March. Now I have it and a hoop house would be perfect for exactly what you are doing. Maybe next year.

    • Ali Says:

      I’ll help you build it!

    • Mamdoh Says:

      Hi Emily! I found you from Daphne’s blog.Your harvest looks wernodful! Those purple carrots are so interesting looking! Do they taste any different from the orange ones?We’re still picking lots of leaf and head lettuce here too (northern Wyoming).I’m originally a New England girl too! Moved to Wyoming almost 6 years ago can’t believe it’s been that long!But I didn’t really garden until I moved here to the country.

  5. S Says:

    Hooray for seedlings! My first sowings took a good month to sprout, which tells me I started a little too early, ha! Such a slow spring here too and I’m grateful for any green :)

    • Ali Says:

      It has been a late spring here, too. My tulips planted on the SW foundation of the house often blossom the third week in April, but the buds are just plumping up now. We are getting some warm weather over the next few days and I am looking forward to it!

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