Peas, please!

IMG_2915The past week was school vacation week in Maine.  It was an eventful week, with the horror of the Boston Marathon bombing eased by visits with friends and a bit of gardening.  On Tuesday I IMG_2917drove to Western Massachusetts for a quick visit with my friend Holly and to see my friend Susanna and meet her new baby. That was a terrific antidote to Monday.

This weekend was a good weekend for a bit of gardening.  On Friday I sowed a few more seeds (lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, tatsoi).  We had a little rain overnight, but it stopped early Saturday morning.  At the farmer’s market I could not resist some beautiful seedlings of lettuce, bok choi, and kale, so when we got home I planted those in the hoophouse.  After than, we puttered around the yard, weeding, raking and pruning and taking the yard waste to the town mulch pile.

Sunday we made a trip to Longfellow’s Greenhouses, where I had a gift certificate.  We enjoyed the tropical air of the greenhouses, the pansies blooming furiously, and all the pretty gardening toys.  I picked up some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings, and some Jet Star tomato seedlings, which I had heard rave reviews of from the Vegetable Specialist on the Cooperative Extension staff.  That should round out my tomato selection for the summer.  We brought home some pansies to brighten our front step, and a pretty but wildly expensive purple hose.  It is IMG_2911kink-resistant and has a lifetime warranty so we are going to give it a try in hopes we’ll enjoy a lifetime of use — it is made by Dramm which has some other pretty durable gardening and watering tools, so I am hopeful.

IMG_2919Once home, we hit the garden.  I planted some cauliflower in the hoophouse, and then prepared the former garlic bed for the remaining broccoli and cauliflower plants.  It needed a lot of weeding first, the quackgrass had invaded last summer, and also yielded some green garlic from an overlooked clove last year, mmm, which became part of dinner.  Dan helped me reinforce the sides with some scrap lumber, as it was in need of some help.  Once weeded I added some compost (from the black garbage can) and Plant Tone fertilizer and planted the remaining cauliflower and the IMG_2918broccoli, then covered with floating row cover.

While I was busy doing this, Dan prepared another bed for shallots and garlic.  I didn’t get them planted in the fall, but will plant it as soon as I can.  I want to keep my own seed stock in production, and figure at the very least I’ll have seed stock and maybe even some darn good eating, too.  The French Gray Shallots are amazing.  I recently made a Thai soup, Khao Soi, and garnished the soup with some crispy fried shallots.  Wow, the shallots made the soup.  Gotta keep them in production!

It was a good day.



3 Responses to “Peas, please!”

  1. leslie Says:

    Can’t beat those fried shallots! Good to hear you can get a good crop from spring planting, as certain parties who shall remain nameless neglected to do it last fall.

    • Ali Says:

      Leslie, I’m not sure about a good crop, but at least I’ll have some to eat and more importantly, some to plant in the fall for next year.

      Are your shallots also French Grey shallots? If you do plant your shallots this spring please report on them in your blog, I’d love to compare.

  2. Robin Says:

    Your garden is looking fabulous over there!

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