Peas and shallots

IMG_2952First:  Our snap peas are up! We have 2 short rows, one of Cascadia, one of Sugar Sprint.  These were planted April 22.  I’ll start another row this weekend.  The wood is in the pathway to suppress weeds and minimize compaction in this area.

Sunday, Dan planted my French Gray Shallots.  They should have been planted in the fall, but we didn’t get it IMG_2956done, so I have nothing to lose by trying this spring in hopes of a crop or at the very least, another seed crop for the fall.  These shallots are so tasty, I hate to lose them.  Once the shallots sprout, I’ll mulch well with compost or grass clippings.  To prepare the soil, we weeded well and I raked in some Plant Tone fertilizer.  It is pretty dry here so I watered them well and will give them another good watering again later this week unless we get some rain.

I hope to get some garlic in next weekend.

The quackgrass is pretty bad in the hoophouse, but I’m hoping I’ll get some greens harvested before it get too out of hand.  I’m planning on covering this with black plastic and growing melon and cucumber in there, with a soaker hose for irrigation.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to try something more drastic, like IMG_2954solarization.

Let’s just say we have plenty to keep us busy this summer.


4 Responses to “Peas and shallots”

  1. Daphne Says:

    I hope your shallots work out this summer. I would think they would be OK just small. Which is enough to save them for the next year at least.

  2. S Says:

    Ugh. I spent a good amount of time weeding quack grass out of my paths yesterday, still more to go. The black plastic seems like a good plan! For some reason I had zero luck with cucumbers/melons in our hoop last year, but I’m trying again :)

    • Ali Says:

      Was it too hot in the hoop? They don’t set fruit if the temps are over 80°F (I think I read that somewhere). I’m hoping with the extra ventilation in the roof and with the sides rolled up it will be cool enough, but a shade cloth might help, too.

      • S Says:

        It was hot, but even from the start I barely had any vines at all, they just didn’t thrive as plants–all except for one volunteer climbing summer squash, who then took over the space. It was such a strange year last season I am just not counting it and trying again :)

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