Harvest Monday: Bok Choi and Tatsoi

IMG_3077I’m finally harvesting a few items from the garden.  Whew, it’s been a long haul, and I’ve really missed having my own backyard produce after our summer away last year.

Saturday I picked two nice bok choi and tatsoi plants for a stir fry for dinner.  It was a pretty local stir fry, too, other than the rice and the green beans, soy sauce, ginger and oil, everything in the dish was locally sourced.IMG_3081  Ok, maybe not that local except by weight.  Still, it was darn tasty!

Unfortunately I forgot to weigh them, but will weigh the remaining plants when I harvest them this week and guesstimate the total.  The two remaining plants were smaller so it will probably even out, or least be close enough.

I also picked a few radishes and will make these into an Asian-type salad this week using some rice wine vinegar and sesame oil.  I’m out of sesame oil though, so they have to wait a bit in the fridge as they were getting a bit big.

This post is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series on her fabulous blog, Daphne’s Dandelions.  Other gardeners from around the globe report in on what is growing in their gardens,  It is really interesting reading.

7 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Bok Choi and Tatsoi”

  1. kitsapfg Says:

    Yum! Sorry I missed dinner. ;)

    Glad you are back harvesting. Our garden production is coming back on line too after the slow winter season. We are in the greens and more greens period though which get’s boring fast. :D

  2. Michelle Says:

    Wow, I’m not sure I would have the patience to wait so long for the first harvest. I’m so spoiled. Your greens and radishes look perfect! I hope it’s just the start of a good long summer of harvests.

    • Ali Says:

      Michelle, my long interval is a result of my husband and I taking a summer off to travel across the country, Maine to CA to WA and home. It was worth it.

  3. Daphne Says:

    It looks delicious.

  4. Suburban Farm Girl Says:

    Your harvest and food looks really, really yummy! Have a good week.


  5. Barbie Says:

    Dinner looks fabulous! I wont have greens like that again until fall… well except sweet potato leaves. LOL.

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