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Tomatoes at last

September 1, 2013


Lest my radio silence be mistaken for lack of gardening, I give you:  Tomato Season.


I’ve got 26 pints of roasted tomato sauce canned, with more in the works.

IMG_3612My squash are sadly dying from powdery mildew, but we’ve enjoyed some zucchini and flying Saucer squash, and have shredded and frozen some, too, for use this winter.  The Diva and Socrates cukes have been divine.  So wish I’d managed a second planting of cukes.

As always, there is much to do and too little time here at Henbogle.  Sigh.


Here’s a glimpse of one of the garden’s less demanding residents.  He’s been singing to us for much of the summer.