Hello friends

IMG_3899It has been a long, cold winter, but despite yesterday’s snowfall, Spring has arrived at Henbogle in the form of… you guessed it, baby chicks!

On Friday, a few more chicks will join these five cuties. I am looking forward to the fun of new chicks again!

There has been a lot going on at Henbogle despite my silence, but I miss blogging and all my blogger buddies, so I’m making a concerted effort to get back to regular posting. Soon I’ll share some exciting news, but for now I need to get off to work!

9 Responses to “Hello friends”

  1. daphnegould Says:

    And we’ve missed you. Welcome back.

  2. Gail Hickam Fines Says:

    So glad you’re back! I was just thinking of you yesterday!

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    I missed you. So happy to see baby chicks. Are they Buff Orpingtons?

  4. Sara Says:

    Hey there! Nice to see you. We’ve got baby chicks this spring too, I’d forgotten how much fun they are, and also how messy :)

  5. nruit Says:

    So happy to hear from you! Mazel tov on the new chicklets! And the peepers are back. It’s got to be spring at some point!

  6. Robin Says:

    YEAH! I’ve been wondering how you have been and have even checked your blog a few times in case my reader wasn’t working right. I’m glad you are back!!

  7. Dan of Henbogle Says:

    Lou, they are our favorite Golden Comets. Handle the cold well, excellent layers of large eggs, and friendly!

  8. afmetalsmith Says:

    Chicks! Excellent!

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