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Lest you think Dan did all the work

February 10, 2013




Snowfall totals

February 9, 2013

The Portland Press Herald produced a map of snowfall totals for the storm.  The official count at Henbogle:  26.5″.


February 9, 2013

While I made a dish for a party at a friend’s tonight, Dan started the snow clean-up.  We are lucky to have Mom’s old snow blower in addition to the small electric snow blower we’ve used for years.  It is much easier to clear a path to the hens with the gas model.

IMG_2601We can get out the back door now.

IMG_2599My shovel wielding hero.

IMG_2606In places, the wind left the ground bare.

IMG_2608In other places, the wind left a deep load of snow.  It would be so much easier to move this out of the driveway.


The long path back to Henbogle Coop


More snow removal awaits tomorrow.  Sigh.

Blizzard report

February 9, 2013
We have yet to venture outside.  The wind is howling and the temperature is 11°F, with the wind chill making it about -2°F.  I’m content to be inside for now. Dan changed the girls bedding Thursday and made sure they had a full feeder last night, so for now the door to Henbogle Coop will stay closed.  I’m sure there will be some squawking about that!
The National Weather Service is reporting that Portland, 50 miles southwest of us, got 29″ inches of snow thus far. The forecast is calling for 7-10 additional inches through the day today, with significant drifting.  Fortunately for us, the cold temps mean the snow is light and fluffy.  Of course that means more drifting, but at least that works both ways.  Our front doorstep is bare to the bricks, while the door out to the deck is sporting snow over my waist.  A few pics snapped from the inside are below.  Happy Saturday!
We won’t be grilling anytime soon!
The snow varies in depth, but we’ve got at least 6 inches over most of the backyard.  The hendome and hoophouse are still standing, and despite strong gusty winds, our maple tree is intact.
We made sure all the birdfeeders were full before the snow started on Friday, and our feather friends are very appreciative!
Our street is partially plowed, but we won’t be driving anywhere soon.  Good thing I had the makings for scones on hand!
I suspect south of us they fared worse, we are lucky to have power and internet and we know it.

And there were 10

February 3, 2013

This year, happily, Imbolc falls on February 3 which also happens to be my birthday.  Happy birthday to me — I couldn’t ask for a better present.  Imbolc marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, and here in Maine, we  will now enjoy 10 hours of daylight, and more, daily.  Today’s sunrise was at 6:54, and sunset at 4:52, and we’ll gain about 2 minutes a day through the Solstice.

Picture 31

I found this interesting graph on the University of Nebraska Lincoln website.   I’ve been thinking off an on about making a chart demonstrating the day length, but Google spared me the effort of wrapping my brain around that exercise!

The increasing daylight is welcome any winter, but especially after Dan Man and I suffered through the Flu last week.  (I strongly urge you to avoid this if at all possible, it was NOT PLEASANT.)  We don’t have anything planted in the hoophouse, but soon (should have already done it!) I’ll start some leeks, and in the next couple of weeks I’ll venture out to the hoophouse to see if it is possible to do some bed preparation — and if yes, maybe I’ll be able to sprinkle a few lettuce and spinach seeds about.  Spring is on the way.

Frosty weather

January 24, 2013

This morning it is a crisp -5°F at Henbogle.  Not as cold as we’ve seen in the past, but still damn cold.  We are having a little blast of arctic air hit Maine.  Yesterday morning it was -1°F, but with a brisk wind that brought temps down into the dangerous range of about -25°F.  The NOAA website is forecasting today’s daytime temps  to reach 10°F, and tonight go down to -7°F.  Tomorrow, the temps will moderate a little, with a high of 14°F and a low of around 2°F.  Good times.

Our beloved hens seem unphased by the weather.  The nipple waterer is working great, and this morning they had a nice bowl of warm oatmeal for breakfast.  The hendome keeps them out of the wind, and the thick layer of straw provides some good insulation from the freezing ground.

While the cold temps are no treat, gardeners will see some benefit from it.  The scant snow cover offers less protection to insects and diseases such as late blight and the hemlock wooly adelgid.  I hope the cold weather down the east coast will kill off the late blight spores in warmer southern states, and slow their travel up north to my garden.  It has been too long since I tasted a truly delicious tomato.

Cold wet weather rolls in

June 2, 2012

With rain in the forecast, and road trip departure day just 13 days away, I had to plant my tomatoes, but they are not going to like it. And looking this morning, the forecast has worsened.

Between now and Monday morning, 4-6 3/4 inches of rain are possible, with showers in the extended forecast through Wednesday.  Sigh.

Spring has sprung

May 11, 2012

The light was gorgeous the other day, slanting in under the clouds, lighting up the buds on the flowering crab.  Since then, we’ve received another 3 inches of rain, and things have popped!

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We needed some rain…

April 24, 2012

but 4 inches in less than 24 hours?

The rain is really greening things up.  Overnight, the leaves on the lilacs and maple popped, and suddenly, things are looking lush.

Spring peepers awake

March 21, 2012

Last night, Dan heard the peepers for the first time this year.  Spring truly is here!  For more about peppers, or to hear their magical song,check out my post from a few years ago.

This is early for peppers, although in 2010 we heard them March 20 as well.  More typically, we here them in early April.  Either way, I am happy to hear them.