Garden goals for 2009

Plant more spring flowering bulbs in perennial beds.

  • Jack Snipe miniature narcissus
  • Winston Churchill Narcissus
  • Angelique Tulip
  • crocus and snowdrops by the 1000s

Move tulip bulbs to better location front/center of beds

New plan for East border bed by new lilac hedge

2 Responses to “Garden goals for 2009”

  1. Dd Says:

    So, how did you chicken coop turn out? We live in Portland and are eagerly awaiting city council approval for urban chicks. I am researching pre-fabs, plans, designs, etc. Love the midcoast! Dianne

  2. Ali Says:


    Our coop is terrific, we are on our 3rd year with it and are very pleased, there are only a couple of tiny tweaks we would make. Let me know if you want more info. Backyard chickens are terrific.


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