The Garden, Plotted

2010 plan, created in Excel with help from Laura.

yxwyrtThe somewhat to scale 2009 garden plan in PowerPoint, saved as a B&W pdf file to iPhoto.


the 2008 garden plan


the 2007 garden plan

gardenplan042004 Garden Plan

gardenplan032003 Garden Plan

gardenplan0112001 Garden Plan

In 2007, we redesigned the vegetable garden to a modified square foot design.  The squares are 4’x4′, arranged in a U-shape up against the garden fence on three sides.   There are an unseen additional 2 raised beds to the left of the one shown; perpendicular to the raised beds is the 8’x16′ hoop house.  All in all, we have 420 square feet of garden space and 132 square feet in the hoop house.

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