Welcome to Henbogle

March 2006

Welcome to Henbogle. I’ll share spouse Dan’s and my experiences as rural Maine homeowners, dedicated DIYer’s and gardeners (add cooking for me). We love small-town living, and have been fixing up our 1881 Cape since we bought it in December, 2000. Our latest complication — we are experimenting with chicken raising… we’ve ordered 6 Hubbard’s Golden Comet chicks, which will be arriving in a few weeks!

Why chickens you ask? I’m not sure, but in looking around my home, it seems predestined. First, there’s Goldeneye the Rooster, a ceramic chicken planter my friend Nancy gave me in hmmm… 1990? 1991? Somewhere in there… and he is still with me. The only 2 Beanie Babies I own — a chick and a rooster. The nickname Chicken Lips (don’t ask), the clucking contests, the toy clucking chicken, the chicken clock, the awesome ceramic rooster (obtained for a song at auction) which graces the dining room….

Then there are the eggs, the chickens, the cats, the slugs, the squash bugs, and our grand plan for chickens as rototillers — with the girls’ help, our garden will grow by 150 square feet this summer, and be pre-fertilized.

Of course, the girls will need a hen house. When planning our chicken coop, I soon realized we needed to hold ourselves in check after Dan and I debated for 20 minutes on the merits of finding some remnant vinyl flooring to put in the coop! Then there’s the antique dayight window we will use, providing ambience, lighting, and ventilation. It eventually dawned on us that we were planning a chicken castle, thus our decision to name the coop Henbogle after the Scottish estate “Glenbogle” featured on the BBC series Monarch of the Glen, which we’re currently watching thanks to NetFlix.

11 Responses to “Welcome to Henbogle”

  1. Angela Wheeler Says:

    I love your Blog. You are an inspiration.

    I would like to get in touch with you to send you some information about a plant sale my church is having.

    How do I do that? I can’t see to find an email address.
    Thanks, Angela

  2. Ali Says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the message. You can leave the details in the comments section, or e-mail me at henbogle at yahoo.com

    I usually list the local plant sales in May so be sure to let me know!


  3. michael shell Says:

    I love your blog! So full of life, vibrant and inspiring. You’ve inspiring me to want to make popovers, make my own ice cream, buy some chickens and create blackberry martini’s!

    I actually found your site after googling “organic blackberry picking midcoast maine”. I’ve yet to find a good spot to bring my family to pick blackberries. Can you help?

    Thanks again for the inspiration. I believe people are either on the court of life or watching from the stands; I believe most are watching from the stands. You guys are definitly living life full on from center court!!!


  4. Ali Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for visiting. You can find all sorts of growers/farmstands etc. at the Maine Department of Agriculture, they even have a search feature: http://www.getrealmaine.com/index.shtml

    Most blackberries around here are wild, but there is a PYO place in Bowdoinham and one in Minot that I know of, each has raspberries don’t know about blackberries. Don’t know the names.

    Good luck!

  5. spj Says:

    Alice!!!!! Hello, how are you! I found Olive and she forwarded me to you. I have been reading a Harlan Coben book about his days as a counselor 20 years ago (gasp–it couldn’t really have been that long ago) and thought I would try to find a few of my buddies from way back when. It looks like you are blissfully happy! I am living with my husband and two little girls in the suburbs of Atlanta…oh how I miss New England! Let me know how you are!


  6. Ali Says:

    SPJ!!! How great to hear from you!!! I think of you so often, especially in the summer when I’m always a bit campsick. It is amazing how those Pondi days seem like they were yesterday until I look around and see all that has changed.

    Atlanta and 2 little girls! Congratulations, I am sure the girls are great if they take after you in any way. I’d love to hear more. Drop me an e-mail, henbogle at yahoo.com, and I’ll get in touch. Did you click the photos link — there are some good pics from Olive’s wedding last fall. And by all means consider a Maine vacation soon :-)

    Life is good….

  7. Taylor Says:

    Hi there. Recent transplant to Massachusetts from South Carolina and a suddenly voracious gardener. I love your blog! It’s nice to see another cold climate garden blog (the ones from California were making me depressed! Tomatoes in June!?), especially one with chickens!

  8. Natalie Says:

    Love the blog name – it makes me smile….Monarch is one of my favorite programs! I’ve enjoyed reading through so many of your posts – look forward to more soon. :)

  9. Barbara Says:

    I found my way to you from FarmFolly and I am so thrilled. Why? Because we now have a home in Midcoast Maine and you will feel like my new best friend as I learn my way around a new gardening world! To be sure, I have discovered much in the couple years up here, but your blog will add so much to my meanderings. I can’t wait to read on…

    • Ali Says:

      HI Barbara!! Welcome to the Midcoast area, I am certain you will love it as we do. Gardening season is off to a good start, let;s hope for a good year.

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