Fishy the lion-maned retriever

Scenes from the life of Fishy the dog

October 2001 – May 31, 2008

Dogbiscuit, as we called him, with his “lab” haircut in the early fall, after a snow.

Another fall scene. “Please let me in, can’t you see I’m despondent out here alone?”

Beware the Jabberwock my son

The jaws that bite, the claws teeth that catch!


In the cave under the table, awaiting tidbits from the sky.

Snow in April? Let’s go to Florida.

With Kyle this past winter

Fishy’s Song

The distant garbage cans call to me

Their wafting scents seduce my heart stomach

Oh! How I want to devour their spoiled fruits.

Oh! How I want to scarf down their fetid remains.

Damn the electric fence!

Damn the electric fence!

Farewell, Fishy

On Saturday, May 31 we said goodbye to Fisher, our Golden Retriever and companion for 7 years. Fisher had developed canine diabetes and several other ailments caused by the diabetes, so we elected to euthanize him before he began suffering

Fisher came to Henbogle on a beautiful Saturday in October 2001, through a colleague who was a volunteer working with a Golden Retriever rescue organization. He hadn’t been too abused at his former home, although he didn’t like women and he was very fearful of hand-held objects such as brooms or vacuum wands.

We had high hopes that he would be a groundhog deterrent, but alas, as I wrote here, Fishy was not much for chasing groundhogs. He was, however, an excellent lion-retriever, as you can see here and here, and had advanced training in skunking, as I wrote about here.

Fisher’s real claim to fame lies in his tolerance of the local titmice collecting fur from him for their nests. Fisher was even discussed on the radio on an Irish nature program, prompting many visits to Henbogle blog from Ireland.

I didn’t realize how empty the house would feel without him. Farewell, Fishy, I hope you find lots of pea shoots and other doggie delights to nibble on in your next trip on the wheel.

One Response to “Fishy the lion-maned retriever”

  1. Toni Says:

    I just discovered your blog (via another blog). This blog about Fishy brought tears to my eyes because he looks so much like my golden, Katie. After more than 14 years she went to her rest in my arms last March. She was as patient and kindly as Fishy. I still miss her!

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