Square Foot Garden Planning

Plant spacing for square foot vegetable gardens, based on Mel Barthelomew’s Square Foot Gardening.

Basil: 1/sqft
Beans bush 9/sqft; pole 8/sqft
Beets: 16/sqft
Broccoli: 1/sqft
Cabbage: 1/sqft
Carrots: 16/sqft
Cauliflower: 1/sqft
Celery: 4/sqft (6″)
Swiss Chard 4/sqft
Cucumbers: 2/sqft in a row of 4 sqft (6″ apart along middle of sqft row)
Garlic: 4/sqft (6″) (Or try 9/sqft (4″)
Leeks: 9/sqft
Lettuce: 4/sqft
Melons: 1/sqft (row of 4 squares, on trellis)
Onions: 16/sqft
Parsley: 4/sqft
Peas: 8/sqft (row of 4 squares, on trellis)
Peppers: 1/sqft
Potatoes: 1/sqft
Radishes: 16/sqft
Scallions: 36/sqft (2″)
Spinach: 9/sqft 
Squash, Summer: vine-type 3/4sqft
Squash, Winter: 1/2sqft
Tomatoes 1/sqft on trellis

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